Parade (2019)

12/04/2019 – 19/05/2019

Jason Robert Brown

Winner of the Tony awards for Best Book and Best Original Score, Parade is a heartbreaking and powerful musical written by Alfred Uhry and composed by Jason Robert Brown.

Parade is a musical dramatisation of the 1913 trial of factory manager Leo Frank for the murder of a young girl. The musical follows Leo and his wife, Lucille, as they battle against lies and false testimonies, a corrupt legal system and the increased anti-Semitism in Georgia following an unashamedly rabid media coverage of the trial.

Ryan Bentley
Music director
Matthew White
Bronya Doyle
Milla Gentil
Leo Frank: Stephen Amos
Lucille Frank: Timna Katz
Old Soldier/Judge Roan: Robert Campbell
Frankie Epps: James Macaulay
Governor Slaton/MacDaniel: Flynn Smeaton
Britt Craig/Mr Peavy: Asher Harrington
Tom Watson: Chris Richards
Minnie McKnight: Emma Anthony
Jim Conley: Rayhan Maskun
Newt Lee/Riley: Jonathan Januar
Angela: Ninna Aguirre
Mrs Phagan: Rafaela Cleeve Gerkens
Sally Slaton: Holly Bromley
Hugh Dorsey: Giles Adams
Lila/Mary Phagan: Stella Carroll
Iola Stover: Tilly Sheridan
Monteen: Cassie Channell
Essie: Selena Nicastri
Officer Starnes/Luther: Demetrius Kiriakidis
Officer Ivey/Guard/Man 2: Lane Hyde
Young Soldier/Policeman/Man 1: Elija Ivelja
Woman/Guard: Charlotte Davies
Director: Ryan Bentley
Assistant Director: Maya Britbart Ellazam
Musical Director: Matthew White
Assistant Musical Director: Charlotte Greenslade
Vocal Director: Eleanor Davey
Movement Director: Bronya Doyle
Dramaturg: Harriet Wing

Producer: Rebecca Cecil
Equity Officer: Nabs Adnan
Stage Manager: James McKinnon
Deputy Stage Managers: Annie Gleisner & Erica Moffat
Production Manager: Daniel Czech
Assistant Production Manager: Karen Ong
Set Designer: Milla Gentil
Assistant Set Designer: Xavier Busuttil-Crellin & Sussanna Kable
Lighting Designer: Thomas O'Sulllivan
Assistant Lighting Designer: Iris Li
Hair and Makeup: Charlotte Armstrong
Sound Designer: Oli Ross
Costume Designer: Alexandra Runge
Co-Publicity Managers: Harry Gore & Felix Barnett