Cloud 9 (2019)

16/05/2019 – 18/05/2019

Caryl Churchill
‘Cloud 9’ is a scandalously funny and thought-provoking play that explores the knotted realities of relationships across gender, sex, and time. The play begins in British colonial Africa during the Victorian era and ends in London a century later, but the characters have only aged 25 years. Along the way, ‘Cloud 9’ uses controversial portrayals of sexuality and obscene language, as well as an audacious sense of humour, to establish a parallel between colonial and sexual oppression.
Izzy Lyndon-James
Ian Coyukiat and Cassia Chau
Tom Yensch - Clive (Act I) and Cathy (Act II) Robbie Lenigas - Betty (Act I) and Edward (Act II) Drew Ireland-Shead - Edward (Act I) and Betty (Act II) Alistair Gray - Harry (Act I) and Gerry (Act II) Belle Welch - Maud (Act I) and Lin (Act II) Gemma Grant - Ellen / Mrs Saunders (Act I) and Victoria (Act II) Izzy Grutzner - Joshua (Act I) and Martin (Act II)
Director - Izzy Lyndon-James Production Manager - Mac Robotham Producer - James Riddell-Clark Head of Publicity and Sponsorship - Liam Harris Stage Manager - Tash Redhill Head of Wardrobe - Sascha Samlal Set Designers - Ian Co and Cassia Chau Creative Director - Bella Beiraghi Sound and Lighting Designers - Tristan Smith and Riley Womal Assistant Director - Jess Lang Assistant Stage Manager - Jenny Santaannop Costume Assistant - Alana Poole Production Assistant - Adrija Banerjee Equity Officer - Clea Porteous Borthwick Publicity - Louisa Russell and Genevieve Chapman Set - James Worsfold Wardrobe - Alicia McGovern, Darcy Brumpton, Mary Davidson, Caitlin Smith, and Abby Connor