(un)Australian (2019)

02/05/2019 – 04/05/2019

Maki Morita and Esther Cowen
A term that allegedly dates back to 1855 (No, Seriously). Things that have previously been accused of being ‘(un)Australian’ include: ball-tampering, backstabbing politicians, referring to thongs as ‘flip-flops’, befriending New-Zealanders, holding a non-Australian passport, vegetarianism, various governments’ asylum seeker policies, and even worker strikes in the 90s. Four Letter Word Theatre gives you a Double Bill show offering two unique responses to a term that highlights the prejudice and paradox, the illusion, delusion and confusion at the heart of the Australian psyche.
Cheryl Ho and Simon Farley
Emmanuelle Mattana
Elbow Lotion: Lydia Bell (Nurse) Imogen Gibb (Patient) Sinead Mulcahy (Harry) Ella Kamer (Will) Katie Treasure (Lorna) Cindy Jiang (Jordan) Yellow Swan: Nina D'Souza (Michiko) Finn Lloyd (Willy) James Robertson (Tom) Lotte Beckett (Kylie/Pauline) Amy Li (Marie Kondo) Emmanuelle Mattana (Lauren) Lucinda Kelly (Lauren's Assistant/Festival Worker)
Production Manager - Oliver Ross Producer - Ada Coxall Stage Manager - Minna Pius Director (Elbow Lotion) - Simon Farley Director (Yellow Swan) - Cheryl Ho Assistant Director - Vaishnavi Krishna Assistant Stage Managers - Jessica Cassar, Alison Ford Access Officer - Desiree Tan Set Designer - Emmnuelle Mattana Sound Designer - Anya Wong Lighting Designer - Anna Smith Lighting Operator - Saskia Peachey Production Assistant - Lucy Golub Costume Designer - Yuqi (Maxine) Chen Front of House - Naomi Cardwell