Urinetown (2019)

16/05/2019 – 18/05/2019

Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis
Hold on tight or pay to pee! A 20-year drought has led to the ban of private toilets and prohibition of public urination!
Sophie Newnham
Music director
Alex Ferguson
Maggie Blandon
Priyansh Parekh
Leads: Bobby – Rory Shannon Cladwell - Anna McGinley Hope – Phoebe Edwards Pennywise - Phillipa McQuinn Lockstock – James Riddell-Clark Little Sally – Beatrice Hart Supporting Roles: Barrel – Rose Jowett Smith McQueen – James Verheggen Fipp – Ethan Flemming Old Man Strong – Ian Co Old Ma Strong – Ellie Mackey Little Becky Two Shoes – Paris Mordecai Harry Hot Blades – Izzy Hollingdale Tiny Tom – Isy Yates Bobby the Stockfish -Henry Edwards Mrs Millenium – Isabella Wilson Dr. Billeaux – Josh Copeland Cladwell’s secretary – Catherine Hill Chorus: Oscar Hollands Jenson Ronan Bridget Lieberman Matilda von Bibra Angus McIndoe Thalia El-Assaad Katie Ngan Kee
Backstage: Niamh Todd, Celia Purvis, Sophie von Doussa, Janhavi Narayanswamy, Lachie Dodds, Casey Haseloff, Lucie Clairs Sound: Kai Scott, Kevin Chen Mic Techs: Jack Wallis, Akash Anil Nair Lighting: Isabelle Gough, Lachie Randello. Lachie Sutherland Set Team: Lucie Clarirs, Lachie Dodds, Coco Swanson, Will Clarke Props Team: Grace Burke, Jemma Morris Costume: Hannah Johns, Inga Stenblock Makeup: Sophie Sitch, Georgina McNab, Emily Thompson Graphic Design: Sophia Gawan-Taylor