Footloose (2019)

08/08/2019 – 10/08/2019

Dean Pitchford & Walter Bobbie

When Ren (Noah Szto) and his mother move from Chicago to the small town of Bomont, Ren is prepared for the adjustment period at a new school. What he isn’t expecting are the odd local laws – including a ban on dancing, put in place by the local Reverend (Max Ramsay). With the help of Ariel, the Reverend’s daughter (Mary McCorry), and his new friends, Ren helps the town to heal from a tragedy that affected them all.

Annie Dryden and Peter Lejins
Music director
Oscar Wycisk
Annie Dryden
David Hodson
Ren McCormack - Noah Szto
Ethel McCormack - Sophie Douglas
Reverend Shaw Moore - Max Ramsay
Vi Moore - Greta Kantor
Ariel Moore - Mary McCorry
Lulu Warnicker - Gemma Grant
Wes Warnicker - Will Stow
Coach Dunbar - Belinda Xiong
Eleanor Dunbar - Vita Banducci
Rusty - Jo Dalstead
Urleen - Annie Dryden
Wendy Jo - Ophira Poratt
Chuck Cranston - Lachlan Roberts
Lyle - Liam Bleakley
Travis - Will Tingey
Betty Blast / Dance Ensemble - Lucy Ellings
Willard Hewitt - Scott Baker
Principal Clark / Cassidy - Isabella Hunt
Jeter - Jerry Liu
Bickle - Harris Thompson
Garvin / Cowboy Bob - Luke Jacobson
Irene - Sofia Bekir Fuente
Stacy / Dance Ensemble - Mackenzie Maughan
Mallory / Dance Ensemble - Issy Binsted
Dance Ensemble - Ashlyn Mackenzie
Dance Ensemble - Charlotte Poole
Director / Choreographer - Annie Dryden
Director / Vocal Coach - Peter Lejins
Production Manager - Eden Cotter-Longworth
Producer - Liam Harris
Musical Director - Oscar Wycisk
Technical Director - William Power
Stage Manager - Jade Smith
Set Designer - David Hodson
Set Manager - Rachel King
Lighting Designer - Tash Reading
Sound Designer - Chris Chamberlain
Head of Wardrobe - Bronte Ammentorp
Head of Publicity - Bec McGrath
Assistant Producer - Oscar Martin
Assistant Stage Manager - Georgia Bennett
Production Assistant - Maxwell Hayward
Set Team - Alex Bruschi, Monique Kennedy-Read, Sophie Whitton
Wardrobe Team - Jemma Bryce, Mary Keyser
Publicity Team - Andrea Aguilar Polanco, Esther Morgan
Follow Spot Operators - Grace Dadswell, Shane Wei
Microphone Technicians - Anthony James, Oscar Torii
Lighting Programmer - Alec Barber
Equity Officer - Oscar Martin