The Lonely Crowd (2019)

28/05/2019 – 01/06/2019


Is it lonely in here? Or is that just me…. 

A group of strangers gather to ask more questions than they can possibly answer about what it feels like to be alone.

Together over distance and technology, in many languages, with kindness and a good sense of humour they sift through reality and fiction to find connection.

The Lonely Crowd combines original stories, images, dance and conversation. At times funny and at others deeply moving it explores ideas of loneliness in today’s truly crowded world.

Dialog Review:

The Lonely Crowd: Good Things Come in Small Packages

Xanthe Beesley
Jack Murray
Lakshana Bachun
Sasha Cordier
Andrea Figueroa
Mavin Karunanidhy
Wilson Liew
Sim Monga
Mai Pham
Desiree Tan
Mengyao Wang
Alice Wheaton
Charlie Zhang
Director: Xanthe Beesley
Collaborator: Emma Hall
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Harriet Wallace-Mead
Dramaturgy: Petra Kalive
Creative Assistant: Thalia Livingstone
Costume Designer: Natalie Gillis
Scenic Designer: Jack Murray
Sound Designer: Sidney Millar
Lighting Designer: Paul Lim
Lighting Design Mentee: Oliver Ross
AV Design: Emma Hall & Harriet Wallace-Mead
Production Manager: Khat Kerr
Head Technician: Clynton Jones
Stage Carpenter: Allen Laverty
Publicity: Erin Adams
Poster Image Credit: Wilson Liew


Inside The Lonely Crowd from Union House Theatre on Vimeo.