Heathers: The Musical (2019)

19/09/2019 – 21/09/2019

Kevin Murphy & Larry O'Keefe
Heathers the Musical, based on the 1989 cult film, is the story of teen outcast Veronica Sawyer – her allegiance with the beautiful and popular Heathers, and the violent chaos that ensues. Heathers is known for its kitschy 80s style and overwhelming teen angst, with daringly black humour and light, pithy treatment of typically maudlin subject matter. However, underneath a thick layer of satire lies a very genuine story: there are life and death stakes, complex, lovable characters, poignant love ballads, and a big beating heart of overflowing teenage emotion.
Lucy Fenwick Elliott
Music director
Nicholas Clarnette
Hannah Jarvis
Bridget Theophile
Veronica Sawyer: Steph Markerink Jason “J.D.” Dean: Max Wilson Heather Chandler: Monica Ledger Heather McNamara: Domi Souter Heather Duke: Milly Day-Collett Kurt Kelley: Julian Weiner-Angelopulo Ram Sweeney: Cassius Hynam Martha Dunnstock: SofIa Burns Ms Fleming: Amelia Huelin FEATURED ENSEMBLE Ram’s Dad: Nicholas Collins Kurt’s Dad: James Worsfold New Wave Girl: Jessica Walsh Stoner Chick: Jess Fraser Young Republicanette: Milly Joseph Beleaguered Geek: Hamish Donaldson Hipster Dork: Rory Vagg Preppy Stud: Eddy Johnstone Big Bud Dean: Miles Brennan Veronica’s Mom: Sophie Hanna Veronica’s Dad: Oliver Yensch Principal Gowan: Alex Markey ENSEMBLE Stella Ulm Natalie Everett Jess Attenborough Louise Villar Emma Motteram Tessa Hogan Michael Han
Director: Lucy Fenwick Elliott Musical Director: Nicholas Clarnette Producer: Cameron Everett Choreographer: Hannah Jarvis Assistant Director: Robbie Lenigas Assistant Musical Director: Daniel Harness Assistant Producer: Henri Currie Stage Manager: Tash Redhill Assistant Stage Manager: Jenny Santaannop Production Manager: Bella Beiraghi Set Design & Construction: Bridget Theophile Costume Design: Sascha Samlal & Katie Pozzi Hair & Makeup Design: Indiana Mulder Sound Design: Gregor Stewart Lighting Design: Nick Chu Publicity & Sponsorship: Arshya Kulkarni & Will Griffin Publicity Design: Cassia Chau Photographer/Videographer: Owen Chow Head of Front of House: Esther Suckling Backstage & Sound: Will Nicholas Ed Cronin Bella Beiraghi Henri Currie Ben Ayaydin Hair & Makeup Ella Grainger Louisa Taylor Yoonji Seo Aida Chen Katie Kerrigan Emma McCulloch Holly Beadle Nat Keenan Front of House Duncan Grainger Lizzie Prins Brittany Andrews Kate Coupland Bronte Sutton