Bab Crabulous and the Dinosaur Dilemma (2019)

26/09/2019 – 28/09/2019

Produced by


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This show starts off in a history classroom, each skit representing a different time in history. Then there’s a shift in the format of the show as Bab refuses to believe anything they’re taught. The audience leaves the guild theatre and roam the university campus (of course they have a time machine that transforms the campus to different time periods).

Finn Lloyd and Iszzy Williamson
Hayley James
KAIA Costanza-van Den Belt: Local Pooper, Gary, Bab Crabulous
James (JG) Gordon: Thomas Edison, Cooper, Uncle
Meg Eichmann: Teacher, Hitler’s Guard, FARIS the time machine, Mikey, Fanny, Kid Crowd Person
Elizabeth (Sissi) Dewing: Scottish Poo, Catherine the Great, Angsty Teen, Baron, MC, Assistant Scrib
Sylvie van Dijk: Alexander Bell, English Poo, Patricia, Yoga Teacher, Mary, Robin Hood’s Hype Person, Judas, Scribe
Duncan Brown: Willie Wright, Pirate Poo, Adolf Hitler, Patrick, Viscount, New Guard, Robin Hood, Moses
Ricky Liu: Dictator, Steward, Roman, Sikko, Death, Crowd Person
Naweed Shaikh: Actor 2, Fernand, Lord Alexei, Dinosaur/ God, Old Guard, Socialist
Akash Anil Nair: Orville Wright, Actor 1, Leprachaun, Plaggy, Tree, Little John, Jesus
Sophie Reid: Moses' Wife
Finn Lloyd: Scottish Pooper
Director: Finn Lloyd, Iszzy Williamson
Assistant Director: Sophie Reid
Stage Manager: Sophie Reid
Producer: Iszzy Williamson, Nicholas Kirkby, Akshay Raja
Production Manager: Logan Trask
Publicity team: Yufan Jo Chen, Iszzy Williamson,
Set Designer: Hayley James
Costume Designer: Karla Murphy
Lighting Designer & Operator: August Shearman
Sound Designer: Alex McFadden
Sound Operator: Sophie Reid
Captioning: Sophie Reid, Iszzy Williamson
Welfare: Simon Farley, Emma Bampton
Backstage Helper: Saige Mabbutt, Vaishnavi Ravikrishna