5 Redwood Close (2019)

14/09/2019 – 15/09/2019

Lachlan Boldt and Cindy Jiang

After a tense reunion dinner between Logan, his estranged mother Alice, and their respective partners, a broken car traps the four in the family home for the night. In the hours that follow, dark secrets are revealed and old traumas relived, as Alice and Logan attempt to confront the past.

UMMTA is back for its third consecutive year at the Fringe Festival with this honest and vulnerable story exploring family, living with trauma, and what it means to be gay in modern Australia.

Cindy Jiang
Music director
Charlotte Greenslade
Harriet Wing
Madeline Sullivan- Eve
Eleanor Davey- Alice
Nabs Adnan- Charlie
Elias Barmettler
Producer - James Emmanuel Mckinnon
Writer - Lachlan Boldt
Writer - Cindy Jiang
Director - Cindy Jiang
Assistant Director - Vaishnavi Ravikrishna
Musical Director - Charlotte Greenslade
AMD/Repetitur - Claire Pasquali
Production/Stage Manager - Euna Marie Catampongan
Assistant Stage Manager - Rosie Watt
Production Designer - Harriet Wing
Publicity - Ninna Aguirre
Publicity - Mara Quach
Lighting Designer/Operator - Annie Gleisner
Sound Designer/Operator - Victoria Hofflin
Equity/Wellbeing - Xui Ching Saw
Violin - Charlotte Crowley
Cello - Sonja Boon
Flute - Jenny Wang
Bass Clarinet - Julia Petousis