It’s Time (2019)

24/10/2019 – 26/10/2019


It’s Time is a Dance show ranging various dance genres. The show strings these different genres together through a coherent theme – this time the show wants to emphasise “It’s Time”. This concept can be interpreted in many different ways, as such, choreographers are free to use this phrase and create a whole new meaning out of it (e.g. It’s Time to Act/It’s Times like These/etc…) The show does not have a structured story but lets each piece breathe its own space and create its own ground with little to no creative restrictions.

Kaeden Trinh
Kaeden Trinh, Tira Ilham, Sherry Lavigne, Jonathan Yeo, Erika Palomares, Daryl Lee, Jasmine Ahwah, Daniel Lewis, Crystal Ho, Bonnie Su, Adele Joan, Joyce Liu,
William Deng
Adele Joan
Alain Manabeng
Alo Ong
Angeline Chin
Anna Urokohara
Arnesia Ranggi
Auriel Yeap
Betty Zhang
Bonnie Su
Caitlin Janus
Cassandra Yang Ying Li
Cherry Chan
Chisa Hasegawa
Christine Walsh
Colleen Yeow
Crystal Ho
Crystal Yap
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Yuong
Daryl Lee
Dici Zhang
Djacint Philip Dumapias
Duy Truong
Emily Yang
Emma Launder
Eric loong
Erika Palomares
Fang Jia Xin
Fiona Aberima
Fiona Chen
Helene Nguyen
Jake Makaling
Jasmine Ahwah
Jenny Qiu
Jin Ni Low
Jonathan Yeo
Joyce Liu
Kaeden Trinh
Kaho Chow
Karen Hoi
Kathy Liu
Katie Treasure
Kelly Lam
Kevin Chau
Kimberly Payne
Kristie Ho
Kunal Aggarwal
Loh Pui Yee
Lucy Zhu
Mackenzie Pyke
Marcia Poon
Marvel Jonathan
Mei Li Kok
Mitchell Costello
Mykal Fong
Naomi Cullinan
Naomi Wo
Nicholas Woo
Rachael Lee
Rachelle Teh
Risa Watanabe
Sarah Chua
Sheehan Yu
Sherry Lavgine
Shi Ling Tan
Tam Tran
Tian Ying Chng
Tim Ma
Tira Ilham
Tran Le
Vivian Loo
Yuma Kloiser-Jones
Zoe Gan
William Deng (Production Manager and Stage Manager)
Myles Roxas (Lighting)
Pearl (Assistant Stage Manager)
Zachary Ho (Sound)