The Man from Earth (2019)

17/10/2019 – 19/10/2019

Jerome Bixby
“我得永生时,一切时空,过去未来,种种星辰,碎为微尘。众生心念我名,皆得永生。” “When I acquire immortality, heavenly bodies in all dimensions, past and future will shred to dust. All creations who chant my name shall live in eternity.” 一座乡间小屋,八个不同信仰的人,这场以永生开始的辩论,挑战着所有人的学识;简单而又有力的话语,摧毁着你一贯的认知。 A countryside cottage; eight people of different beliefs. A debate initiated by immortality challenges the knowledge of them all; words simple yet powerful, destroys all your preconceptions. 如果你生活了一万四千年,你会是怎样?是庆幸?厌倦?还是看破红尘,独自感伤?如果可以永生,你会怎样度过?是平淡一生?还是醉生梦死? If you have lived for fourteen thousand years, how would you be? Would you be grateful? Exhausted? Or transcend all worldly matters and bear your sentiments in solitude? If you can live forever, how would you live? Live a plain life? Or indulge in your desires? 他,从哪里来?归宿,又在何方? Where did he come from? And where does he belong? 是永生?抑或是谎言? Is it immortality or a lie? 是现实?抑或是梦境? Is it reality or a dream?
Tong Wu & Jie Yen
Music director
Melon Li
Chuxiong Zhou as John Wenhao Li as Harry Wenting Fu as Sandy Jinda Liu as Art Yiwei Tang as Edith Sifan Wu as Linda Xingyi Wang as Will Lishan Chen as Mavis