Saint Joan

George Bernard Shaw

From the program: “While our production may be tongue in cheek, and disturb the Shavian purists, we don’t mean to be disrespectful; we’re simply imbued with Shaw’s wry spirit. However, we have never forgotten that a young woman actually lived and dies as the play describes. We hope you won’t, either.

Tim Lindsey
Ali Moore
Deirdre Osborne
Andrew Moyle
Sally Webb
Alan Gale
Nicki Watkinson
Bronwen Colman
Sally Turnbull
Adam Jenney
Louise Hutchings
Julian Mitchell
Sarah Andrew
Michael Barrett
David Larsen
Rhett Martin
Ali Moore
Sam Kirwan-Hamilton
Nicki Watkinson
Sally Turnbull
Lucinda Brash
Tim Lindsay

Tony Way
John Thorn
Sue Carre-Riddell
Martin Ball
Jenny Inglis
Cathy O'Brien
Kirsten Binns
Caroline Burge
Alan Gale
Peter Knight
Julian Mitchell
Sarah Andrew

Solo Singers:
Brecon Darbyshire
Nicholas Brash
Sally Turnbull
Louise Hutchings
Bronwyn Colman
John Sutherland
Patrick Wilkin
Devised and Directed by: Edwin Batt (Assisted by Felicity Keebaugh)
Produced by: Deirdre Osborne
Choir Leader & Musical Arrangements: Nick Brash (Assisted by Alan Gale)
Costume Design and Construction by: Lisa Landy (Assisted by Lou Hutchings, Kirsten Grey, Mary Perrett, and Sally Turnbull)
Technician: Peter Summers and Perry Mills
Poster Design: Tim Lindsey (Handbill: Angus Trumble)
Front-of-House: Prue Sligo (Assisted by Jeanine Froomes, Annabel Plummer, Susie McFarlane, Melissa Hare)