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  • Dags
    Dance Piece
    Dance with the Devil
    Dandy Dick
    Dangerous Corner (1939)
    Dangerous Corner (1952)
    Daphne Laureola
    Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1961)
    Dark of the Moon (1955)
    Dark of the Moon (1962)
    Darwin's Dangerous Idea
    Das Puppenspid vom Doktor Faustus
    Dead Man's Hand
    Dead Set
    Dead White Males (1996)
    Dead White Males (1999)
    Dear Brutus (1941)
    Dear Brutus (1941)
    Dear Brutus (1949)
    Dear Brutus (1956)
    Dear Liar
    Death Constant Beyond Love
    Death in Scarsdale and Love of a Pig
    Death is not enough
    Death of a Salesman
    Death of a Salesman
    Death of a Salman
    Death Takes a Holiday
    Deevine World
    Deidre of the Sorrows
    Deli of Lies
    Dental Follies
    Der Besuch der alten Dame (The Visit) (2008)
    Der Talisman
    Des Meeres und der Liebe Wellen
    Des Teufels General
    Desert Highway (1947)
    Desert Highway (1951)
    Design for Living (1940)
    Design for Living (1955)
    Desire and Pursuit
    Devil's Disciple
    Devil's Snuffbox
    Devine is Dead
    Die Dreigroschenoper
    Die Hamletmaschine
    Die Hose (1986)
    Die Hose (2009)
    Die Verwandlung (Metamorphosis) (1991)
    Die Verwandlung (Metamorphosis) (1992)
    Dislocation: Natural Alien
    Disney's Beauty and the Beast
    Divorce Me Darling
    DIY: Detourne it Yourself
    Do or Die
    Do You Dare?
    Doctor Faustus (1984)
    Doctor Faustus (1998)
    Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights
    Dog Accident (1989)
    Dog Accident (1999)
    Doing Time
    Doll Trilogy
    Doll's House with Doors
    Don Giovanni and The Lulu Plays
    Don Juan
    Don Juan Comes Back From The War
    Don's Party
    Don't Bring Lulu
    Don't Drop Your Pants
    Don't Tell Helena
    Down by the Greenwood Side
    Dream Show Ants Pants
    Dreams Drowning
    Dreams of Survival
    Due Dozzine di Rose Scarlatte
    Duet for Two Hands
    Duke of Edinburgh Assassinated
    Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi and The Dumb Waiter