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  • I am the Walrus
    I Came Here for the Kangaroos
    I Do, in Caroline Springs
    I Don't Know Who to Feel Sorry For
    I Have Been Here Before
    I Killed the Count (1939)
    I Killed the Count (1960)
    I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change (2004)
    I Me He Him
    I Should be Souvlaki
    I, Pierre Riviere
    I'll Go To Australia and Wear a Hat
    I've Come About the Assassination
    Icarus and Still Falling
    Il Canto Della Sera
    Il Sindaco D'Australia and The Mayor from Australia
    Il Travatore
    Il Trionfo dell'Onore
    Il Ventaglio (The Fan)
    Immediate Family and Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters
    Improzac and All That Improv
    In Cahoots (2005)
    In Camera (1956)
    In Camera (1957)
    In His Own Write
    In Praise of Shiva
    In Quarters
    In Rememberance
    In The Arms of a Lion
    In the Name of...
    In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) (2013)
    In Theatre Street
    In Vitreous Humour
    In Your Dreams
    Inadmissable Evidence
    Incident at Vichy
    Indian Dance Concert to aid Bangladesh
    Inherit the Wind (1960)
    Inherit the Wind (1965)
    Inkling (2019)
    Inside Out
    Instrumental and Vocal Concert
    Insurgency (2005)
    Inter-varsity Drama Festival (1955)
    Inter-varsity Drama Festival (1958)
    Inter-varsity Drama Festival (1964)
    Intermediate Secret
    Interview with Malcolm Robertson
    Interview With Michael Cathcart
    Interview with Rose Myers
    Interview with Suzanne Ingleton
    Intimate Spaces
    Into the Unknown
    Into the Woods
    Into the Woods (2018)
    Iphigenia in Taurus
    It Wasn't Me
    It's Autumn Now
    It's Time (2019)