Tag: 1980s


  1. Ghosts (1988)

    Musical (1988)

    Presented by Gas Theatre.

  2. Law Revue (1988)

    Law Revue

    Revue (1988)

    Paul McCarthy’s CV in funding application to Theatre Board for “Rhinocerous”.

  3. Franz Lesh and The Underground Lovers

    Play (1987)

    ‘Franz Lesh’ written and directed by Malcolm Martin. ‘The Underground Lowers’ written by Jean Tardieu and directed by Anthony Pretto.

  4. Big and Little

    Play (1987)

    A play with humour, irony and pathos in which time passes not quite as it should, and the everyday and commonplace become bizarre at the edges. Presented by Edge The...

  5. No Room For Dreamers

    Play (1987)

    Story of William Chidley who, in 1910, preached of harmonious natural loving where men and women shared equally in the joys of sex – contraversial stand, yet Chidl...

  6. La Calisto

    Play (1987)

    A Baroque opera first performed in Venice in 1851 and a witty and masterful comedy based on two famous Greek myths – the seduction of Calisto by Jupiter, and t...

  7. Meshuga Babies

    Play (1987)

    Presented by MU Jewish Students Society

  8. Evenings of Experimental Theatre


    Play (1987)

    This was a showcase for students of the inter-departmental drama course. It included Frances Terrett’s “Untitled” and an operatic excerpt from “Agamemnon” ...

  9. Horse Talk and The Chairs

    University of Melbourne Education Department

    Play (1987)

    ‘Horse Talk’ written by Ian Nash; ‘The Chairs’ written by Eugene Ionesco. Both directed by 4th year students.

  10. A Brotherhood Bin Law Revue

    Law Revue

    Revue (1987)