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  1. Man of Steel

    The University College Theatre Group

    Play (2007)

    Australia’s most popular musical comedy starring gangsters, showgirls, superstars… What more could you want? Colourful, entertaining and sure to make you laugh, ...

  2. Bat Boy: The Musical (2007)

    St. Hilda’s College Theatre Group

    Musical (2007)

    Ripped straight from the trashy tabloids, this outlandish and sly comedy depicts the attempts of an earnest half bat/half human creature to find his place in an unfo...

  3. Brightside

    Little Ones Theatre

    Play (2007)

    Monday is Jim’s day to spread his seed. He gathers the women of Brightside into the shed and locks the doors. But they want out. Cars won’t start, babies won’t...

  4. Alice Im Wunderland von Roland Schimmelpfennig

    The Germanic Players

    Play (2007)

    The classic play has been reworked, modernized and germanified. Come one come all – especially students and friends of German.

  5. The Empress Dowager & I – 2007

    Chinese Theatre Group

    Musical (2007)

    A dark comedy set in the late Qing Dynasty in ancient China, examining the amusing relationship between the traditionally recalcitrant Empress Dowager, Ci Xi and the...

  6. Urinetown – 2007

  7. Tails: The Musical (2007)

    Chinese Theatre Group

    Musical (2007)

    A run-away home-cat, Jin, tries to search for a meaning in life in the street of Chinatown, where he witnesses betrayal, gets involved in brutal fights, falls in lov...

  8. An Ideal Husband (2007)

    Play (2007)

    Performed by Wilde Ones Theatre at the Residential College Janet Clarke Hall. Manners, melodrama and trivial chatter are our specialty… Mabel’s hopelessly in l...

  9. CRUNCH! 07

    Play ( 2007)

    CRUNCH!07 is an outrageous comedic carnival that takes the traditional sketch show and turns it on its head. Complete with golfing con men, invisible monsters, and t...

  10. He ain’t heavy. He’s my father

    Chinese Theatre Group

    Play (2007)

    A low-keyed mixture of sci-fi, comedy and maudlin family theme, with a setting of both 60’s and 90’s of Hong Kong allow audiences to explore and experience the n...

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