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  1. Death of a Salman

    MUSLSA (The Melbourne University Sri Lankan Students’ Association)

    Revue (2017)

    An original horror mystery filled with comedy, dance and stellar acting performances.

  2. Heathers

    University of Melbourne Music Theatre Association (UMMTA)

    Musical (2017)

    Based on the 1989 cult film, HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL combines a punchy rock–musical score with an unflinching exploration of teen angst in a new and deliciously dark...

  3. Filthy Rick

    MUSC (Melbourne Uni Shakespeare Company)

    Play (2017)

    MUSC’s Filthy Rick is a devised, collaborative, chaotic bastard of an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Richard iii. Filthy Rick takes the idea that Richard ii...

  4. BABY.

    FLW / Four Letter Word Theatre

    Play (2017)

    Red is nothing, red is always the inside. You can’t wrap the baby up in a red blanket to show who it is. It’s the second colour that counts. Three young women wa...

  5. Legally Blonde (2017)

    Queen’s College Music and Drama Society

    Musical (2017)

    Queen’s College Music and Drama Society presents Legally Blonde The Musical, a fresh, fun and fabulous rendition of the hit broadway show that scored itself 7 Tony...

  6. 9 to 5: The Musical

    St. Hilda’s College Theatre Group

    Musical (2017)

    Get ready, because St Hilda’s College Theatre Group is taking you back to the 1980’s to present a hilarious story of friendship, revenge, and even a little romance!

  7. Adrift in my Ocean of Sugar Tears

    Mudfest FLW / Four Letter Word Theatre

    Play (2017)

    Nora and Edna are drifting. Nora and Edna don’t like each other very much. Nora and Edna need each other. Nora and Edna long for the ocean. A female-identifying du...

  8. Fame: The Musical (2017)

    St. Mary’s College

    Musical (2017)

    Fame is the story of a group of vibrant young teenagers attending New York’s top performing arts school and hoping to make it big. Fame is a wonderful show for the...

  9. Fine Arts of the Caribbean

    Revue (2017)

    Produced by the VCA revue Board, the Ex-presidents Society How many Fine Arts students does it take to change a lightbulb? Just kidding! We don’t change lightbulbs...

  10. Geese Lightning


    Revue (2017)

    It’s time to get excited! Medleys is BACK for 2017 with our best show yet! There will be singing, dancing, punning and maybe some B grade nudity! Someone will ...

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