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  1. Footloose (2019)

    Ormond College Drama Club

    Musical (2019)

    When Ren (Noah Szto) and his mother move from Chicago to the small town of Bomont, Ren is prepared for the adjustment period at a new school. What he isn’t expecti...

  2. Inkling (2019)

    Floor Work

    Play (2019)

    “You are not going out of your mind … you are slowly methodically, systematically being driven out of your mind…” – ‘GaslightR...

  3. Maniac Me (2019)

    Chinese Theatre Group

    Play (2019)

    An abandoned basement in the middle of nowhere, a ward in a mental hospital, forever in the shadows, where all fronts are besieged. Seven “Wardmates,” strangers ...

  4. Urinetown (2019)

    Trinity College

    Musical (2019)

    Hold on tight or pay to pee! A 20-year drought has led to the ban of private toilets and prohibition of public urination!

  5. As You Like It (2019)

    MUSC (Melbourne Uni Shakespeare Company)

    Play (2019)

    Shakespeare’s satirical romcom is being transplanted into the jazzy 1930s, where infatuation meets betrayal meets decadence meets downright silliness… &#...

  6. About Last Night (2019)

    MUSLSA (The Melbourne University Sri Lankan Students’ Association)

    Play (2019)

    Being a uni student is tough enough, girls and guys have their own problems. But what’s it like being in the others’ shoes?

  7. Cloud 9 (2019)

    Intercollegiate Activities Council

    Play (2019)

    ‘Cloud 9’ is a scandalously funny and thought-provoking play that explores the knotted realities of relationships across gender, sex, and time. The play begins i...

  8. (un)Australian (2019)

    FLW / Four Letter Word Theatre

    Play (2019)

    A term that allegedly dates back to 1855 (No, Seriously). Things that have previously been accused of being ‘(un)Australian’ include: ball-tampering, backstabbin...

  9. Parade (2019)

    University of Melbourne Music Theatre Association (UMMTA)

    Musical (2019)

    Winner of the Tony awards for Best Book and Best Original Score, Parade is a heartbreaking and powerful musical written by Alfred Uhry and composed by Jason Robert B...

  10. The Flick (2019)

    Melbourne University Modern Theatre

    Play (2019)

    In a run-down cinema in central Massachusetts, three underpaid employees mop the floors and attend to one of the last 35-millimetre film projectors in the state. The...

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