Tag: female director


  1. The Princess Ida Parlour

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (1994)

    The first women at Melb. Uni and their struggle for a room to call their own. A pop musical. Proceeds of benefit performance to Vic. Women’s trust: Ewa Czajor Memorial Award

  2. Doll’s House with Doors

    Play (1994)

    Presented by SVPAE ‘Doll’s House with Doors is a new work that looks at Ibsen’s A Doll’s House from the point of view of the late twentieth century.’

  3. Annus Horribilus

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (1993)

  4. Lilly and May

    Play (1993)

    Presented by Witless Theatre

  5. Menage a Trois

    Play (1992)

    Three short works: Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi; Sex Life; Cold Coffee presented by Witless Theatre.

  6. Hedda Gabler (1992)

    Queen’s College Music and Drama Society

    Play (1992)

    Performed in the Queen’s College Chapel.

  7. Letters Home (1991)


    Play (1991)

    A ‘dramatic dialogue’ transcribed and adapted from the letters written by Sylvia Plath to her mother, Aurelia, from the time of Plath’s college education at Sm...

  8. A Breath of Cinnamon and Diesel


    Play (1991)

    Explores the tension and solitude felt by a young Australian woman in Sri Lanka when confronted by the loss of her own culture, and the new culture that surrounds he...

  9. An Evening With…


    Musical (1991)

    Performed as part of Mudfest 199. Designed as a cabaret with three major characters: a stripper, a comedian, and an old lady who continuously interrupts the proce...

  10. A Lesson in English

    Play (1991)