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  1. Botchulism

    Play (2008)

    Black Comedy concerning body image and plastic surgery, Presented by Botchaviks Theatre Company

  2. Great Renaissance Video Show No. 37: The Tempest


    Play (1995)

    14 actors, a bunch of musicians and the latest in video technology combine to resurrect the original opening night performance of Shakespeare’s last great play. Br...

  3. An Evening With…


    Musical (1991)

    Performed as part of Mudfest 199. Designed as a cabaret with three major characters: a stripper, a comedian, and an old lady who continuously interrupts the proceedi...

  4. A Breath of Cinnamon and Diesel


    Play (1991)

    Explores the tension and solitude felt by a young Australian woman in Sri Lanka when confronted by the loss of her own culture, and the new culture that surrounds he...

  5. Glycerine Tears and The Accident

    Play (1983)

    Presented by the Space Ensemble.

  6. Gilgamesh- Actors and Puppets

    University of Melbourne Education Department

    Play (1977)

  7. Godot’s Arrival and Big Mother

    University of Melbourne Education Department

    Play (1977)

    ‘Godot’s Arrival’ written and directed by Ross Brisbane; ‘Big Mother written by Charles Dinenzo and directed by Steve Cook.

  8. A Matter of Speculation

    Play (1977)

    Company: Melbourne University Theatre Experiments

  9. Jack Charles is up and Fighting


    Play (1972)

    In song and sketch, well-known writers, Kath Walker, Bill Reed and Frank Hardy probe the Aboriginal problem of assimilation or identity? A dying race or a regenerati...

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