Ariadne or Business First – 06/04/1945

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Title Ariadne or Business First
Start Date 06/04/1945
Abstract Play-reading of a comedy in three acts. Scene: The lounge room of John Winter’s home in the provincial town of melchester.
Author A.A. Milne
Director Marjorie Dyson
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Men’s Lounge
Cast Ariadne – Gwen Izzard; John Winter (her husband) – George Amos; Mary – Marjorie Dyson; Hector Chadwick – Jim O’Connor; Hester Chadwick – Janet McKenzie; Janet Ingleby – Shirley Davis; Horace Meldrum – Stanley Lowe.
Extra Notes Comedy revue
References programme,
reference Bailleu: TAP minute books 90/114 Vol 2