Category: Plays


  1. Our Father (2019)

    Musical (2019)

    A man who is a father, a husband and an ex teacher is about to be convicted, leaving his wife and children to come to terms with who they have been sharing their li...

  2. Kung-Fu Man (2019)

    Chinese Theatre Group

    Comedy (2019)

    Kung-Fu Man is a non-traditional martial arts comedy based on the well-known Chinese martial arts story of Ip Man, showing all the “obstacles and difficulties” c...

  3. My Mum’s Y2K Party

    Law Revue

    Revue (2019)

    The Melbourne University Law Revue is an annual sketch comedy show written, directed and performed by students that has entertained audiences for over 60 years. Run ...

  4. The Pineapple War (2019)

    Newman College Drama Committee

    Play (2019)

    It’s 2022 and Queensland is now part of China to resolve a civil war. The rest of Australia has become Nation One, with a conservative government and a return to t...

  5. The Lonely Crowd (2019)

    Union House Theatre

    Play (2019)

    Is it lonely in here? Or is that just me….  A group of strangers gather to ask more questions than they can possibly answer about what it feels like to be alo...

  6. Inkling (2019)

    Floor Work

    Play (2019)

    “You are not going out of your mind … you are slowly methodically, systematically being driven out of your mind…” – ‘GaslightR...

  7. Maniac Me (2019)

    Chinese Theatre Group

    Play (2019)

    An abandoned basement in the middle of nowhere, a ward in a mental hospital, forever in the shadows, where all fronts are besieged. Seven “Wardmates,” strangers ...

  8. As You Like It (2019)

    MUSC (Melbourne Uni Shakespeare Company)

    Play (2019)

    Shakespeare’s satirical romcom is being transplanted into the jazzy 1930s, where infatuation meets betrayal meets decadence meets downright silliness… &#...

  9. About Last Night (2019)

    MUSLSA (The Melbourne University Sri Lankan Students’ Association)

    Play (2019)

    Being a uni student is tough enough, girls and guys have their own problems. But what’s it like being in the others’ shoes?

  10. In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) (2013)

    FLW Theatre

    Play (2013)