Antony and Cleopatra – 24/07/1946

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Title Antony and Cleopatra
Start Date 24/07/1946
End Date 27/07/1946
Director Keith Macartney
Author William Shakespeare
Music Director Lorna Stirling
Choreographer Joy Youlden
Designer Desmond Connor
Company Queen’s College Players
Venue Union Theatre
Reviews Farrago p4 Farrago 31/7/46 ‘All for love or the World well lost’. Mentions O’Connor artistry.
Cast Scarus – David McIntyre; Canidius – George Nadel; Mark Antony – Bryan Stratford; Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt – Gwen Izzard; Charmian – Joy Youlden; Iras – Wilma Rutter; Domitius Enobarbus – Winston Hunter; Eros – Arthur Huck; Alexas – Kenneth Hamilton; A Soothsayer – Keith Macartney; First Messenger – Harvey Perkins; Second Messenger – Phil Loh; Octavius Caesar – David Bradley; M. Aemilius Lepidus – Norman MacKenzie; Mardian – Alan Boxer; Mecaenas – George Westlake; Agrippa – Bill Scott; Octavia – Meg Smith; Messenger to Cleopatra – Joe Isaac; Sextus Pompeius – Cedric Vear; Menas, friend to Pompey – Kenneth Nall; Dancers – Geoffrey Izzard, John Sher; An Old Soldier of Antony’s – Owen Parnaby; Thidias – Neil Curnow; Diamedes – Bob Ramsay; Roman Soldiers – Kenneth Neerhut, Peter Finch; Antony’s Guard – John Wood, George Kermode; Proculeius – Doug Graham; Dolabella – John Bonwick; A Clown – John Bevan. Producer – Keith Macartney
Crew Scenery and Stage Direction – Desmond Connor; Costumes – Mrs.J.A.Seitz and Dorothea Dixon; Dance Choreography – Joy Youlden; Music of Song – Lorna Stirling; Assistant Producer – Jean Lawson; Business Managers – Lloyd Jones and Alec Long; Properties – Jack Vary and Ron Hurley
References Program; Farrago 17/7/46