Various Plays (Playreadings) – 1943

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Title Various Plays (Playreadings)
Year 1943
Abstract ‘The Flashing Stream’, ‘The Wind & The Rain’, ‘The Truth about Blayd’, ‘Hedda Gabbler’, ‘George & Margaret’, ‘The Plays the Thing’, ‘Libec’, ‘You Never Can Tell’, ‘The Silver Cord’, ‘Margin for Error’, ‘The Animal Kingdom’, ‘By Candlelight’, ‘The 12 Pound Look’, ‘The First and the Last’, ‘2 Gentlemen of Soho’, ‘Yes & No’, ‘Lot’s Wife’, ‘The Long Mirror’, ‘Quiet Night’, ‘The Man With a Load of Mischief’
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Men’s Lounge
Notes -31/5/43 “The Flashing Stream” Auth: Charles Morgan Dir: D.K. Cameron -5/7/43 “The Wind & The Rain” Auth: Merton Hodge Dir: Winston Hunter -2/8/43 “The Truth about Blayds” Auth: A H Milne Dir: Elden de Steiger -13/9/43 “Hedda Gabbler” Auth: Heinrich Ibsen Dir: Peg Tellick -11/10/43 “George & Margaret” Auth: Gerald Savory Dir: Nancye O’Brien -1/11/43 “The Plays the Thing” Auth: Franz Molnar Dir: Rex Rienits -7/2/44 “Libec” Auth: Edward Wooll Dir: Ian Lasry & Jim O’Connor -6/3/44 “You Never Can Tell” Auth: Bernard Shaw Dir: Winston Hunter -3/4/44 “The Silver Cord” Auth: Sidney Howard Dir: Erica Harcourt -1/5/44 “Margin for Error” Auth: Clare Boothe Dir: Noel Bergere -5/6/44 “The Animal Kingdom” Auth: Philip Barry Dir: Marjorie Dyson -7/7/44 “By Candlelight” Auth: Siegfried Geyer Dir: Josephine Rienits -4/9/44 “The 12 Pound Look” Auth: Sir James Barrie Dir: Marjorie Dyson -4/9/44 “The First and the Last” Auth: John Glasworthy Dir: Winston Hunter -4/9/44 “2 Gentlemen of Soho” Auth: A P Herbert Dir: Elden de Steiger -8/10/44 “Yes & No” Auth: Kenneth Horne Dir: Ian Lasry -6/11/44 “Lot’s Wife” Auth: Peter Blackmore Dir: J O’Connor -5/3/45 “The Long Mirror” Auth: J B Priestley Dir: Dorothea Dickson -9/4/45 “Quiet Night” Auth: Dorothea Blewett Dir: D K Cameron -7/?/45 “The Man With a Load of Mischief” Auth: Ashley Dukes Dir: Winson Hunter
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