Hamlet (1944)

26/07/1944 – 29/07/1944

William Shakespeare
Shakespeares great tragedy of a troubled prince and themes of love, corruption, power and death.
Keith Macartney
Desmond Connor
Francisco – Sandy Kelso; Bernardo – John Philip; Horatio – Alan Donagan; Marcellus – Bob Ramsay; The Ghost of Hamlet’s Father – Max Hargreaves; Claudius, King of Denmark – Harry Mackay; Gertrude, Queen of Denmark – Ruby May; Hamlet – Bill Ryall; Polonius – Les Young; Laertes – Colin Wiliams; Ophelia – Deborah Newton; Rosencrantz – Murray Groves; Guildenstern – Meyer Marshall; First Player (“Player King”) – Keith Macartney; Second Player (“Player Queen”) – Joan Harvey; Third Player (“Lucianus”) – Alex. McPherson; Fourth Player (“Prologue”) – Joe Isaac; Fortinbras, Prince of Norway – David McIntyre; A Captain – carl Ostberg; A Gentleman – Barrie Woollacott; First Gravedigger – Bill Scott; Second Gravedigger – John Bevan; A Priest – Morris Watson; Osric – Joe Isaac; Attendants and Soldiers – Wendy Fanning, Margaret Rouch, Lois Thorpe, Peter Foster, Sol Solomon and Alex Smart. Produced by Keith Macartney.
Stage Director and Designer of Scene – Desmond Connor; Costumes – Mrs.J.A.Seitz; Business Managers – Basil Williams and David Finch; Properties – John McLean and Bill Denholm; Fencing Match arrangement – Carol Wade