various Scripts – 1946

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Title various Scripts
Year 1946
Abstract Filed together: -“The stars look down” (4 pages, 3 copies) -“Duet in a flat” 8 copies -“Moment Romantique” 8 copies, by Reginald Beckwith -“The Queen of Paris” 7 copies, by James Laver -“Please, Captain Eversleigh” 4 copies -“Tea with Stinker” 4 copies *dated script 30/3/46 Others: -“You can’t take it with you” by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman -“Radaring Round” (4 pages, 26 copies stapled) -“Anna Christie” 1 script untouched -“He who gets slapped” 1 copy very very old/worn script ~120 pages
Author Scripts
Notes Year is probable.
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