Noah – 13/12/1947

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Title Noah
Start Date 13/12/1947
End Date 17/12/1947
Abstract French play first performed 1934 in France. A dramatic rendering of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood.
Director Joy Youlden
Designer Desmond Connor
Author Obey, Andre (translation Arthur Wilmurt
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Noah – Keith Macartney; Mrs Noah – Myra Roper; Shem – Tony Riddell; Ham – David Bradley; Japheth – Alven Powell; Naomi – Shirley Davis; Sella Dorothea Collopy; Ada – Leonie gibson; The Man – Harold Samson; The Bear – Bill Satch; The Lion – John Robertson; The Monkey – Marjorie Scott; The Elephant – George Amos; The Cow – Elizabeth Rosenblum; The Lamb – Ettie Davis; The Wolf – Dion Martin; The Tiger – Wilma Rutter
References Program: Elden de Steiger Collection – Box #2 (184/02),Rowden White Library. Also in Union Theatre Collection, Theatre Programs 1940’s-1950’s, Folder 4, Rowden White Library.
Crew Stage Direction – Desmond Connor; Costumes – Joy Youlden with assistance from Mrs r Baenziger; Properties – Diana Medley; Secretary – Ruby May