The Family Reunion – 12/10/1949

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Title The Family Reunion
Start Date 12/10/1949
End Date 13/12/1949
Abstract An abstract, esoteric piece about the failure of a family reunion. A psychological study of an unhappy son’s mind and an exploration of human sin.
Director Roper, Myra E
Author T. S. Eliot
Designer Diana Medley & Paul Homewood
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Crew Sets and Properties – Diana Medley and Paul Hornewood (assisted by Mandy Kelso); Supervision of Sets – Desmond Connor; Costumes – Mrs J.A.Seitz (assisted by Libby Richardson); Stage Direction – Ken Shankly
Cast Amy – Jean Lawson, Ivy – Hazel Upton, Violet – Sue Galbraith, Agatha – Peggy Tellick, Hon. Gerald Piper – David Goodall, Hon. charles Piper – Frank Brooks, Mary – Sheila Burke, Denman – Muriel Goodall, Harry – Stanley Lowe, Downing – William Scott, Dr Warburton – David Beyer, Sergeant Winchell – John Hehir, The Furies – Muriel Crabtree, Connie Emery and Mary Maclean
Review one review (no source) positive in tone about strong cast
Extra Notes Dostoyevsky , Fyodor adapted by Laurence White
Notes Report also mentions a reading of ‘the Farewell Supper’ by Schnitzler on 310 as part of the ABC “Little Theatre” program -29/10/49. On mid December.
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