The Beggar’s Opera – 1958

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Title The Beggar’s Opera
Year 1958
Music Director David Kent
Director Ian Donaldson
Designer David Eyres
Author John Gay
Company Melbourne University Dramatic Club (MUDC)
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Colin Munro, Philip Sargeant, Robin Cuming, Charles Colville, Lawry Watson, Neil Mudge, Robin Smallwood, Robert Robinson, Kevin Good, James Morrison, Julian Guthrie, Robert Holden, Paul Clarkson, Nanette Nutt, Madeleine Tomlinson, Rhonda Bruce, Anne Harvey, Elizabeth Dawkins, Ingrid Burke, Chris Cockran, Barbara Fargie, Rosalind Steeper, Harriet Cook, Lynn Oeser, Helen Eddy.
Notes Commencement Play. Costume Design: Charles Colville Lighting Design: Ron Field and David Race Stage Manager: Rhyll Moyle This was the first student show in the renovated Union Theatre.