Orpheus Descending – 1959

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Title Orpheus Descending
Year 1959
Author Tennessee Williams
Director Wal Cherry
Designer Wendy Dickson (s,c)
Company The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC)
Venue Union Theatre
Extra Notes Revue
Notes 6th season 2 September 1958 – 14 March 1959 Assistant to Director – Barbara Ann Stephenson Electrician – Colin Chalmers Stage Manager – William Fitzwater Assistant Stage Manager – Roslyn de Winter – Andrew Lodge – Michael Dennis – Jim Thompson
Cast Dolly Hamma – Kira Daniels; Beulah Binnings – Marion Edwards; Pee Wee Binnings – Peter Dease; Dog Hamma – Jim Thompson; Carol Cutrere – Beverley Phillips; Eva Temple – Sylvia Bugden; Uncle Pleasant – Alan Tobin; Val Xavier – George Ogilvie; Vee Talbot – Roslyn de Winter; Lady Torrance – Monica Maughan; Jabe Torrance – John Frawley; Sherriff Talbott – Ted Webster; Mr Dubinsky – William Fitzwater; Woman – Barbara Ann Stephenson; David Cutrere – Michael Dennis; Nurse Porter – Helen Finlayson; A Mexican – Slavko Nikolov
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