The Tempest – 31/03/1959

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Title The Tempest
Start Date 31/03/1959
End Date 04/04/1959
Abstract One of Shakespeare’s great comedies, The Tempest is a love story that begins with a shipwreck whereafter two characters fall madly in love despite facing many obstacles. The play ends happily with their betrothal.
Music Director Ken McNaughton
Designer Nathalie Hearman/Mavis Calder
Director Mavis Calder
Author William Shakespeare
Choreographer Gillian Hughes
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Alonso, King of Naples – David James; Sebastian, his brother – Alistair Tweeddale; Prospero, the right Duke of Milan – David Niven; Antonio, his Brother, the usurping Duke of Milan – Bruce Page; Ferdinand, son to the King of Naples – Hugh Owen; Gonzalo, an honest old Counsellor – John Leonard; Adrian, a Lord – Brian Burke; Caliban, a salvage and deformed slave – Lewis Ryhs; Trinculo, a Jester – Michael Fitzgerald; Stephano, a drunken Butler – Douglas Calder; Master of a Ship – Michael Cooley; Boatswain – Michael Nathan; A Mariner – Brian Bourke; A Lord – Alan Stock; Miranda, daughter to Prospero – Sylvia Reid; Ariel, an airy Spirit – Win McAlpin; Iris – Eileen Wandell; Ceres – Meg Smith; Juno – Margaret Hetherington; Nymphs, Reapers, Shapes – Datrina Maranyi, Carol Armstrong, Pamela Robert, Vivian Campbell, Julie Sawcett, Lynette Clark, Gillian Hughes, Alan Stock, Michael Nathan.
References Program/Farrago
Reviews Farrago March 17 p 7 Frank van Straten (sound design) Niven Stars in “The Tempest” – Farrago, April 7th 1959, p.6.
Notes Meg Smith: Costumes,Frank Van Straten: Sound Design