The Green Pastures – 1959

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Title The Green Pastures
Start Date 24/06/1959
End Date 27/06/1959
Abstract Farrago journalist states’: “This play is an epic, setting forth with comedy and pathos the religious and racial aspirations of the negro people…Connelly says ‘Green Pastures’ is an attempt to present certain aspects of a living religion in the terms of its believers. The religion is that of thousands of negroes in the Deep South”.
Author Marc Connelly
Music Director William Fitzwater
Company Ormond College and University Women’s College
Venue Union Theatre
Notes This was the Australian premiere of the play. The play won a Pulitzer prize. Producer: Barbara Ann Stephenson
Cast De Lawd – Ron Brandt, Moses – Ian Harrison, Noah – Ian Maddocks, Gabriel – Hugh Newton-John, Adam – Graeme Griffin, Eve – Susan White, Cain – Robert Patterson, Cain’s Girl – Ann Woodward, Zeba – Camilla Maxwell, Noah’s Wife – Jennifer Murphy, Abraham – Barry Taylor, Zipporah – Cynthia Jones, Pharaoh – Gordon Murray, Aaron – James McCaughey, Joshua – Barry Fry. The Cast contained 65 people playing over 100 roles
References Farrago (19/5/59 and 16/6/59 p.7.)
Extra Notes Olivia Newton-John, as an infant, made her first stage appearance in this production as a Cherub. Also among the large cast was Stephanie Alexander (then Stephanie Burchett). Ron Brandt and Ian Harrison were jointly awarded the 1959 Union Theatre Repertory Company Prize for Student Drama.