Taste of Honey (1960)

31/10/1960 – 20/11/1960

8th season 29 August 1960 - 26 February A Taste of Honey is a simple play, dealing with the life of a young girl over a period of twelve months. Jo is neglected, she is lost in a world of irresponsibility and selfishness. With love, and then only a Taste of it, and her own tremendous courage, she develops into a warm and sensitive human being.
Helen - Joan Harris; Jo - Janne Coghlan; Peter - Frederick Parslow; Boy - Graeme Hughes; Geoffrey - Charles Haggith
Musicians: Piano - Wendy Pomroy; Trumpet - Alan Ball; Drums - Ian Pearce Production Manager - Bryan Edward Stage Manager - Marion Edward Assistant Stage Manager - Dennis Miller Electrician - Ron Stodden Photographs - Helmut Newton