Knight of the Burning Pestle (1961)

22/03/1961 – 01/04/1961

‘First memorable burlesque, or mock-heroic plee, of the English Theatre.’ Production attempted to recreate Elizabethan theatre.
Keith Macartney , Meg Smith
Music director
Margaret Sutherland and Margaret Scott
Ronald Quinn and Ron Field
Speaker of the Prologue – Kenneth Petrie; A Citizen of London – John Joyce; His Wife – Murielle Hearne; Ralph, his apprentice – Robert Holden; First Boy – Christopher Bell; Second Boy – James McCaughey; Venturewell, a merchant – Alan Morgan; Jasper Merrythought – John Keogh; Luce, daughter of Venturewell – Penelope Curtis; Humphrey – Paul Clarkson; Tim (apprentice) – Anthony McNicoll; George (apprentice) – David Kendall; Mistress Merrythought – Ruth Yaffe; Michael, her younger son – Charles Kerstjens; Merrythought, her husband – Ian H Moore; The Dancing Boy – Peter W Cayley; Tapster of the Bell Inn – James McCaughey; Host of the Bell Inn – James Quixley; A Barber (‘Barbarossa’) – Antony Williams; A Captive Man – Graham Hansford; A Captive Woman – Jan Brennan; Pompiona, Princess of Moldavia – Jocelyn Whitehead; Maid to Venturewell – Fances Marshall; Gentlemen – Bruce Clarkson, Richard Cartwright; Singers – Meg Smith, Louise Homfrey, Keith Mcartney; Dancers: Angela Schafer, Peter W Cayley, Fances Marshall, James McCaughey, Jent Brennan, Graham Hansford; Musicians – Kenneth Petrie, Mary Wood, Angela Schafer, Pat Pearson.