Tiger at the Gates – 12/07/1961

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Title Tiger at the Gates
Start Date 12/07/1961
End Date 15/07/1961
Abstract A play set during the Trojan War encompassing themes of destiny, resistance and antagonism.
Author Jean Giraudoux
Designer Peter Corrigan
Director Meg Smith
Stage Manager Garth Hogg
Director Keith Macartney
Company Queens College Drama Society
Queen’s College Music
Venue Union Theatre
Notes 40th production
Crew Translated – Christopher Fry; Assistant Stage Manager – Anne Nixon; Assisted by – Warren Gellie, Jim Chenall, Bill Earle, Brude Hodson, Alan Yawkins and Reg. Harvey; Prompter – Ruby May; Set Design and Execution – Peter Corrigan; Costume Design – Meg Smith and Peter Corrigan; Executed by – Mary McCall; Assisted by – Kathleen Adair, Christine Beck, Rosemary Bell, Ruth Haskin, Margie Miller, Anne Nixon, Mary O’Kane, Anne Smart and Vida Valiuless; Sound – Russell Glen; Production Secretaries – Rodney Morice and Wilfrid Prest; Business Manager – Rob Gallacher; Treasurer – Richard Walter; Publicity – Wilfred Prest; Posters and Program – Peter Corrigan; Music – Lindsay Moore; Ticket Secretary – Daryl Boyd; FOH – Jim Richardson; Photography – Clem Smith
References Program
Cast Andromache – Jocelyn Whitehead; Cassandra – Elizabeth Joseph; Laundress – Belinda Harrison; Hector – Rodney Morice; Paris – Richard Cartwright; First Old Man – Donald Blainey; Second Old Man – Gavin Harrison; Priam – Rob Gallacher; Demokos – Lindsay Moore; Hecuba – Jennifer Murphy; Mathematician – Robert Baker; Servant – Annabel Russell; Polyxene – Gladys Williams; Helen – Dale Butler; Oneah – Darrell Fraser; Minos – Graeme Smith; Troilus – David Curtis; Abneos – Trevor Artingstoll; Busiris – Maurie Weidemann; Ajax – Wilfrid Prest; Ulysses – Tony Cartwright; A Topman – Chris Foster; Olpides – David Curtis; Servant – Janet Brennan; Sailors – David Greenall, Ross Crozier; Iris – Janet Sisley.
Reviews Farrago 13/7/61 p.6. and 20/7/61 p.10.
Photo Photograph – Farrago 29/6/61 p.9. and 7/7/61 p.7. and 20/7/61 p.2.