The Cherry Orchard – 1962

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Start Date 20/06/1962
End Date 23/06/1962
Abstract Checkov’s famous tragi-comedy. “The tragedy lies in the picture of the disintegration of a decaying world; the element of joy in the struggle for a new one.”
Stage Manager Louise Homfrey
Designer Brian Corless
Lighting David Bradley
Author Anton Chekhov
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Photo Photograph – Farrago 29/6/62.
Notes Sound: D. Wardle & W. Walker, Prompter: Ruby May, Stage Manager: Louise Homfrey
Reviews Farrago 29/6/62.
Cast Madame Ranyevska (Lyubov Andreyevna), owner of the cherry orchard – Gwen Reid; Anya, her daughter – Frances Marshall; Yarya, her adopted daughter – Gerda Nicolson; Gayev (Leonid Andreyevitch) her brother – Robert Holden; Lopahkin (Yermolay Alexeyevitch) a merchant – Ian Moore; Trofimov (Pyotr Sergeyevitch) a student – John Keogh; Semyonov-Pishtchik, a landowner – Bruce Clarkson; Charlotta Ivanovna, a governess – Murielle hearne; Epihodov (Semyon Pantaleyevitch) a clerk – Darrell Wardle; Dunyasha, a maidservant – Janette Gordon-Clark; Firs, an old servant – Keith Macartney; Yasha, a young servant – Henry Gordon-Clark; A Wayfarer – Collier Hipkins; A Government Official – Geoffrey Allingham; His Wife – Nane Turnbull; The Post-Office Clerk – Malcolm Ronan; The Stationmaster – Collier Hipkins; The Schoolmaster – Bill Satch.