Photo Finish – 1964

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Title Photo Finish
Year 1964
Abstract Tracing a life from 20 to 80 in four distinct phases.
Designer Anne Fraser
Director John Sumner
Author Peter Ustinov
Company The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC)
Venue Union Theatre
Photo Photographs – Newton and Talbot
References IWLAW
Cast Stella – Roma Johnston; Sam Old – Frank Thring; Sam at Sixty – Michael Duffield; Sam at Forty – Simon Chilvers; Sam at Twenty, Tommy – Kevin Colson; Stella at Twenty, Alice Montego – Helen Harper; Clarice, Ada Cooney – Marea Letho; Reginald Kinsale – Sydney Conabere; Agnes Kinsale – Bunney Brooke
Notes 12th season 7 September 1964 – 19 February 1965 Electrician – Hasek Anderson Stage Manager – Arthur Hynes Assistant Stage Manager – Judith Varga