Singular Man – 1966

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Title Singular Man, A
Start Date 26/07/1966
End Date 31/07/1966
Abstract -Infor from ‘MUST Newsletter on St Theatre” included paragraph on ‘Singular Man’, or more precisely on the trip to Brisbane. -Brisbane show had more fluidity than Melbourne although MUST couldn’t afford to send producer there.
Reviews Farrago/Lot’s Wife (combined issue) 2/7/66 p.6. and Farrago 22/7/66 p.6.
References Minutes of MUST Meeting; Farrago 24/6/66 p.4.
Cast George Smith, Graeme Blundell, John Wregg, Robin Laurie, Ruth Sput, Karin? Altman, Suzi? Kendall.
Photo Farrago 24/6/66 p.9. and 22/7/66 p.6. and 29/7/66 p.3.
Notes -In 10/8/66 Minutes, mention to possible return season at show? -24/8/66, carried vote that it was unwise to have a return season.
Extra Notes Stephen Sondheim