The Duenna – 18/10/1967

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Title The Duenna
Start Date 18/10/1967
End Date 1967
Abstract A three act musical set in Seville in the 1700’s.
Music Director Rosalind McMillan
Author Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Choreographer Helen Pitt, Brian Sutton
Director Alan Morgan
Designer Helen Pitt
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Architecture Theatre
Cast Harlequin – Helen Pitt; Columbine – Nancy McNaughton; Lopez – John Pitt; Don Antonio – Eric Donnison; Don Carlos – Brian Sutton; Carlotta – Margaret Presser; Donna Louise – Janice Weldon; Don Jerome – Keith Macartney; Don Ferdinand – Ian harrison; A Flower-seller – Sandra Copland; The Duenna – Helen Thomas; Donna Clara – Margaret Carroll; Pepita – Delwyn Johnson; Isaac Mendoza – Max Tomkins; Loretta – Solway Love; Father Paul – Hugh Stevens. People of Seville, Masqueraders, Dancers, Monks, Nuns, Footmen and Statues: Grace Arnold, sandra Copland, Delwyn Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Solway Love, James Cassidy, Brian Chenu, Paul Clark, Anthony Ferguson, Nicholas Moumtzis. Principle dancers: Delwyn Johnson, Nicholas Moumtzis.
Extra Notes This was T.A.P’s first musical production on a large scale. Adapted from the original by Lionel Harris
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