Truganini (or “Don’t Let All the Plays End with Me”) – 21/04/1970

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Title Truganini (or “Don’t Let All the Plays End with Me”)
Start Date 21/04/1970
End Date 16/05/1970
Company MUST/MU Actors Studio
Venue Union Theatre
Director George Whaley
Author Bill Reed (Bourke’s Company)
Cast Tasmanian woman – Rose Lynorin; White man – Stephen Waters; Truganini – Jan Hamilton; Wonggu – Michael Myer; Gudjara – Des Fitzgerald; Mangana – Tom Healy; Mr Mellin – Robert Lewers; Mrs Mellin – Meredith Rogers; Newell – David Johnson; Lowe – Bill Saw; George Augustus Robinson – Guthrie Worby; The Rev. Dove – Ian McFadyen; Bob – Derek James; The Pianist – Martin Arnold; Teh Scottish Inspector – Patrick Farrell; The British Inspector – Howard Parkinson; Mrs Clark – Marg Jacobs; Constitution – John Jacobs; Achilles – Andrew Webb; Aphrodite – Alison French; Alexander McKay – Ian Robinson; Gilet – Derek James; Dr Dingby – Jan Martin; Millington – Jeff Curtis; Molly – Roslyn Horin; Colvin – Dennis Howard; Timms – Michael Myer; Atwell – John Price.
Creatives Set & Poster design: Jan Martin, Costume design: Sasha Soldatow
Stage Manager Alex Craig
Notes Truganini, the last of a unique people, died in Hobart in 1867 at the age of about 73. Before death she begged to be buried. The last wish of the last of the Tasmanians has not been honoured. Her story, and the extermination of her race are the subjects of this play. Each of the three parts deals in a different way, and style, with the central theme. The styles range from formalism to caricature and farce to quiet realism and together make a powerful comment. -George Whaley, Director’s notes.
Presented in Bicentennial year. Dates: 21/4 – 25/4, 14/5 – 16/5 World Premiere.