Alfred the Incredible Sheepboy

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David Williamson and John Romeril
Review Excerpts: "Farce & melodrama linking sing-a-longs of 50’s & 60’s hits -no more profound than ‘Dad & Dave’ -great fun"- Gerald Mayhead, Herald 31/2/72 "MUST did not aim to extend themselves intellectually with this play. The repertoire includes a play suitable for adults written by David Williamson (“The Coming of Stork”, The Removalist”, etc) in conjunction with group workshops, a children’s play by John Romeril of the Australian Performing Group, and a series of street/beach plays worked up by MUST." -George Whaley (Dir. of Uni. Theatre), Farrago 10/3/72 As part of Kalediscope. Show toured Victorian & NSW tourist areas. The tour was sponsored by the Australian Council for the Arts. This show went on tour  with another show “The Magnetic Martian Potato”, which also performed at the Pram Factory.
John Smythe
Music director
Bekton Krowitsky
John Duigan – Sheepgrower Michael Taylor – title role John Smythe – Yankee Colonel Des Fitzgerald – ……/trumpet