The Chapel Perilous – 27/06/1972

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Title The Chapel Perilous
Start Date 27/06/1972
End Date 01/07/1972
Abstract “The Austalian season kicked off excellently last week with a fine MUST production and performance of Dorothy Hewett’s ‘The Chapel Perilous’ in the Union Theatre…. The chorus-group, boisterously led by three very able ladies (Sally Clarke, Janys Hayes and Julie Symons) generally propelled things along, and alleviated the sags… ‘The Chapel Perilous’, as a piece of writing for the theatre, bothers me. The cental character, Miss Sally Thunder, I very nearly find a pain in the ass. It’s not so much her aspirations and frustrations, even her search, but the unself-questioning and almost righteous form these assume…”
Designer Michael Taylor
Director George Whaley
Author Dorothy Hewett
Company Melbourne University Student Theatre (MUST)
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Sarah Wettenhal – Miss Sally Thunder Jeni Caffin – the Headmistress, the mother Des Fitzgerald – Michael -others to apear in the play: Sally Clarke, Janys Hayes, Julie Symons, Robert Meldrum, John Duigan.
Photo reproduced image appears in review of a scene from the play.
References transcript of advertising research project; Farrago 11/5/72 Review Report: Advertising Research Project; MUST Newsletter 1972; Programme: Australian Season 1972; A3 size poster
Notes Return season of ‘The Chapel Perilous’. Purpose of the project: “To design and carry out an advertising and publicity campaign for a play in the union theatre and analyse the results”. to be presented in term 1 week 9, we 11th or 4th (difficult to read) May. Costume design – Anna French Review by Jack Hibberd * Incl. Photocopy of Plays in Union 71-2 Ass.Dir. Charles Kemp Play 4 Austalian Drama season 1972. Also called “The Perilous Adventures of Sally Thunder”.
Extra Notes Revue
Reviews 44% audience