A Man for All Seasons (1973)

21/03/1973 – 31/03/1973

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Robert Bolt
Director’s Note- This play is about a reluctant martyr: Sir Thomas More was not one to zealously seek death – on the contrary, as a man who relished life, he used all his considerable skill as a lawyer in order to stay alive. There did come a point, however, when he had to accept death or, like John Proctor in “The Crucible”, give his name to a lie. Also performed at the Agora Theatre at La Trobe Uni.
Ian Harrison
Anna French
The Common Man – Cliff Hadley Thomas Moore – John Kilmartin Richard Rich – Tim Blood The Duke – Barrie Sudweeks Alice More – Bill Mappin Margaret More – Ingrid Burke The Cardinal – Paul Clarkson Thomas Cromwell – Eric Dyrenfurth The Ambassador – Michael Schneider His Attendant – Charles Englander William Roper – Michael Smith The King – John Keogh A Woman – Mary Coleman The Archbishop – Robert Morris.
Lighting: Hugh White Stage Manager: Hugh White Production Assistant: Bruce Sims Sound: Jamie Bryce