The Homecoming – 19/04/1988

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Title The Homecoming
Start Date 19/04/1988
End Date 23/04/1988
Director Stephan Stewart
Author Harold Pinter
Company Don’t All Jump At Once
Venue Guild Theatre
Reviews Preview from EG by Jason Romney quotes Stewart, “Love for Pinter is devoid of Romeos. His is a love consummated in primal territorial struggle, perverse and obsessive sexual conflict and the darkest of filial forces”. Romney states, “The homecoming in question is that of Teddy, a prodigal son who has been overseas with his wife Ruth, a coolly sophisticated ‘femme fatale’ whose enigmatic past is rooted in the same working class geography and psychology as her husband’s family”.
Cast Bernard Caleo (Teddy), John Flaus, Don Munro, Daniel Lillford, Karen Davies, Sean Kavanagh.
References from: Theatre Production DB; Flier; TB mins 7/1988 and 3/1988
Notes DAJAO application for funding to Theatre Board for selection of Beckett, 1988.
Notes It included a task-based rehearsal schedule, allowing unprecedented insight into the process used by this generation of students (including Stephan Stewart, Tina Hokkinos and Bernard Caleo), most of whom completed the inter-departmental drama course. Listed in Bernard Caleo’s CV from writer’s grant application. Theatre Board funding application.
Notes According to application for Theatre Board funding, the aim was to develop an involving, non-esoteric production of Pinter in which spectators could recognize themselves.