The Intruder – 27/04/1988

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Title The Intruder
Start Date 27/04/1988
End Date 30/04/1988
Abstract The subtle story of a family waiting together one evening for the mother to recover from a difficult childbirth. As the evening progresses the atmosphere of dread increases. The family band together in order that no-one shall slip in unnoticed, but someone comes up the stairs from the cellar. Theatre Board funding application states that “The Intruder” was the second show produced specifically to provide opportunities for first-year students.
Designer Jelbart, Serena and Michael Walker
Author Maurice Maeterlinck
Director Jane Woollard
Company MUSU Theatre Department
Venue Guild Theatre
Notes This one-act play aimed specifically at first year students. Jane Woollard was a first-year student and a graduate from VCA’s directors course. Serena Jelbart was a third-year architecture student. Production report. Theatre Board funding application: “The Intruder” is the second show produced specifically to provide opportunities for first year students.
References from: Theatre Production DB; Press Release; Flyer; Poster; TB mins 2/88 and 8/88
Cast Francesca Cann, Anna Tregloan, Ilsa Colsen, Meredith Badger, Richard Vabre, Simon Lancaster, Suzanne Sibillin, Andrew Listras.
Reviews Farrago 1988
The Intruder 1988 Poster

The Intruder 1988 Poster