All’s Well That Ends Well


Produced by

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William Shakespeare

Presented in the Union Building Dining Hall.

The application for Theatre Board funding described it as a feminist production set in a girl’s high school, which deconstructed social mores. The production included popular love songs of the 1970s and 1980s and combined elements of high and low culture. It was performed in the round in a non-traditional theatre space. According to the production report, it dealt with the contradictions between the ideals of romance and lived experience through a style verging on parody. Popular songs were used to “suggest the hegemony of romance”. Women played men’s roles.
Peel noted that the poster was a metaphor for the production: “a book cover of ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’ in Mills and Boon format”. She cited Helene Cixous’ proposal for a non- voyeurisic, feminist theatre in which audience and actor were not separated from one another.

Sharon Peel
Selina Tso
Frances Forrest
Elisabeth Matthews
Carolyn Papworth
Alex Wilson
Melissa Stark
Leonie Hewson
Katherine Connolly
Moo Permezel
Louise Goggin
Samantha Phillips
Samantha Bond
Lynn Isaac