The Woman without a Shadow – 11/03/1998

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Title The Woman without a Shadow
Start Date 11/03/1998
End Date 21/03/1998
Cast Member Amanda Musicka Williams
Cast Member Melita Rowston
Cast Member Thomas Caldwell
Production Manager Narda Shanley
Lighting Allan Hirons
Lighting David Hawkes
Director Amanda Musicka Williams
Director Melita Rowston
Company Glass Theatre
Venue Theatreworks
Changes 26/05/04 Thankyou for amendments and additions from Melita Rowston: crew details and cast names and roles, location, performance dates, title. CD
Notes Adaptation by Melita Rowston; Lighting Design by David Hawkes; Lighting Operator Allan Hirons; Sound Design by Andrew Bennett; costume design by Andrea Gaskill; Production Manager/Publicity/Set Realisation by Narda Shanley.
References from: Theatre Production DB