The Popular Mechanicals – 03/05/1998

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Title The Popular Mechanicals
Start Date 03/05/1998
Author Tony Taylor
Author Keith Robinson
Director Kate Allison
Author William Shakespeare
Company Hal Theatre
Venue Guild Theatre
Cast Peter Quince, the carpenter: Rohan Trollope
Nick Bottom, the weaver: Luke Ryan
Tom Snout, the tinker: Louisa Gibbs
Francis Flute, the bellows mender: Simon Day
Robin Starveling, the tailor: Kylie Trounson
Snug the Joiner: Chris Mildren
and in the microphone booth: Scott Gooding
Crew Producers:Simon Day and Kate Allison
Director: Kate Allison
Stage Manager: Sean Jennings
Set Design: Simon Day
Lighting Designer: Bronwyn Pringle
Lighting Operator: Jenny Sholl
Sound Recording: Lisa Parris,Sean Jennings,Bronwyn Pringle
Bump in crew: Bec Franklin, Richard Vabre, Shan Jayaweera
Resource The Popular Mechanicals 1998 Program -pdf