The Lights – 15/10/1998

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Title The Lights
Start Date 15/10/1998
End Date 24/10/1998
Abstract A nightlong journey from innocence to experience.,’The city is a big place full of big characters. In one night Lilain and Frederick meet them all.’ (poster),
Author Howard Korder
Lighting Richard Vabre
Designer Greg Clarke
Director Kim Hanna
Company Theatre Department
Venue Union Theatre
References from: Theatre Production DB
Cast Paul Bernath, Angus Cerini, Eleanor Handley, Russel Irvine, Sophie Kelly, Andrew Lawton, Luke Matthews, Jessica Muschamp, Stephen Parratt, Mark Wilson, Luke Yen.
Media ‘It is fast, it is inevitable and it is, as tragedy should be, weirdly beautiful’ New York Daily News (poster)