Aussie Rules

14/05/2013 – 18/05/2013

Andrew Keegan
When Wikileaks uncovers a sex tape of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, a general election is called. Under the slogan 'Doing it for the Team'' the AFL launches a political party, wins every seat in Victoria and breaks off from Australia to form an independent republic. What happens when a nation obsessed with sport starts living by the same rules? Aussie Rules is the love child of George Orwell's Animal Farm and The Footy Show! The play explores issues of identity and culture. In Australia sport is almost a religion and peoples identities are inextricably linked with the success or failure of their local team. "Aussie Rules" is a black comedy that pokes fun at this obsession. It also takes a satirical view of the intolerance that we can show towards people who are different to us. Whether that be politically, racially or simply barracking for the wrong team. The play explores the dilemma of one man who has to choose between his brother and his other family-his footy team.
Andrew Keegan
Dave Campbell- Tom Carmody Ambah Campbell- Emily Downie Chris Campbell- Rory Kelly Josie Dickson- Alana Lowe Demetri Andrews- Morgan Petrie Coleen Davies and others- Ella Pouton Con Waterhouse and others- Sam Tolomei Hamada and others- Gregoire Molle
Stage Manager- Christa Jonathon Sound Operator- Rhiannon Down Asst. Stage Manager- Yane Cheung Publicist- Alana Lowe